Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Kitchen Helpers!

The girls love to help with dinner! The step stools are all over the kitchen so they can reach all the dangerous things they are not supposed to reach - I mean, so they can help me out wherever we are in the kitchen! They are adorable little helpers!

Homeschooling is going great but Sarah and I did visit our local Catholic Elementary School. I felt like I needed to just check it out to educate ourselves- and see what is out there. I know Sarah would love the other children and in many ways they would be good for her too- she needs someone other than a 2 yr old as her role model ;-) They were very nice and welcoming and I know they would love to have Sarah at the school. This year there are only 18 in the class but next year it jumps in size. I happened to mention that Sarah cannot read yet and I did get a surprised Ohhhhh- of course she can't read she is just learning to speak the language and learning her ABC"S. Anyways- it was very apparent that she is just not ready to go to school and this school does not have the special services she would need. Too bad- our older kids loved it there! After our visit we homeschooled - wow is she doing great! I am so thrilled with her progress and eagerness to learn. She is understanding that it is okay to get something wrong sometimes- we just say oops, correct it and learn from our mistake. We are going to think thru our options for more socialization for Sarah. Hmmm... any ideas?


Nancy said...

Wow, hairstylists, sous chefs, pretty soon you'll be kicking back with bon bons and Starbucks. I'm jealous! :)

Nancy said...

Hm...socializaton. How about Girl Scouts? Or Awana's, or Missionettes? (latter two are church related) Maybe some softball, or something with a team theme, where she could meet kids? Dance? There's lots of stuff out there. And do remember that even if you are homeschooling, you can ask to be included with some of the extracurricular activities, in some school districts! Such as field trips, etc. Are there any homeschooling cooperatives in your area? We used to get together once a week, and divide the kids up by age, and do classroom teaching, which was nice...and also scheduled field trips with the homeschooling group, etc! Sarah is doing so beautifully...we are all proud of her...what a smart girl!

nancy (blessed Mama to ShaoXi, age 12, adopted at 15 mos. in Changsha)

Laura L. said...

Such cute photos of the girls!

Socialization - bring her to visit me. :)

Love those girls.