Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Girls Are Getting Fat!

Yes, I am deliberately being misleading! It's not Sarah and Anna, it's Mia and Missy- the dogs. Sarah has happily accepted the chore of feeding the dogs. Yesterday I noticed that they were putting on some weight so today I supervised the chore and found out that "we" were get mixed up when we count the cups of food the doggies are getting. I am sure that Mia and Missy are really enjoying having Sarah feed them BUT now they are down from 3 to 2 1/2 cups per day. I was thinking this will also be a good way to introduce halves to Sarah! i think sweet Sarah was giving them 4 cups! No wonder they love her sooooo much!

School is going well- yesterday I would have said incredibly well but today I am thinking we need to slow down and review more. There is so much for her to take in and she just seemed a little mixed up during our school time. I started with some pretty aggressive catch up plans and now I see that it would not be wise to move too fast. We want HS to be self esteem building and fun!

Anna will soon be moving up to the preschool room at Montessori. She is so little I can hardly imagine her in the big preschool room. She is visiting there each day to get used to it and will probably make the change in March. 

Sarah has made it very clear to us that Anna is a big girl now. To us, she is teeny tiny and will always be, since she will most likely always be our youngest. Sarah feels that it is time for potty training- I agree, but Miss Anna has absolutely NO interest in it. We have the royal potty, we have pretty underwear, we have a big sis that uses the potty, and we have books and videos on the subject BUT Anna feels "why rush this". She is still itty bitty and fits on the changing table- our birth children were too big by one year and we would change them on the floor. Personally Daddy Jim and I are loving it, we can't imagine rushing to grow up!

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