Monday, March 23, 2009


Peek a boo! I see you, under the table!!

If they can't see us then I guess we can't see them? right? Hmmmm

The girls continue to be doing well. We do have "our days" but most of them are good!! Soccer is done with for now. She will start on a recreational outside league with other 2nd graders in May. We are excited to have her see the same group of girls 2 times a week for 3 months. I think she will be able to develop some friendships. She is easy to get along with and a very fun girl! We take swimming on a month to month basis and we aren't sure about April. During our March lessons it became very obvious that a female swimming teacher works best- maybe we will wait untill summer for swimming?? Sarah loves gymnastics - they have recommended she stay in beginners. Which we agree with that recommendation and will probably have her do another session. our only goal is to help her be lighter on her feet! When our sweet girl is running around upstairs you'd think there was a herd of wild elephants up there! boom, boom boom!

Anna will soon be 3 yrs old. Sarah is pretty disgusted that she has not made any progress with the potty training. I have already warned Sarah that it won't be happening soon. 

Sarah seems to be a bit accident prone. There have been no major injuries but many, many itty bitty ones! Sometimes she follows so close behind us that if we stop she runs right into us- oops! She is also elbow height for me- and I've gotten her a couple times with that- ouch. She does look at me like "mom, how could you do that?" I apologize and try to explain it was an accident and she may want to give me a little more space... if possible! 

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