Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is this legal?

We had our FCC playgroup over on Friday. We always have so much fun with them! The Mom's chat away and the kids play downstairs and around us! Sarah told me before they came that all the children are little and that she is bigger. I told her she was right but that it is still fun to play. She made the most of it, age did not seem to be a factor. Infact I think the other kids are attracted to her because she is older and now she is actually interacting with them. It is so good to see her play with other kids!! She is such a nice girl and has a kind heart so she does well with almost anyone! We also have more ground breaking news!! Anna actually left my side and played with the children! I was able to carry on conversations while having the party at my house with our girls there! This is a first and it felt very good!!

After everyone left Anna took the chips, sat down in her booster seat at the counter and really enjoyed herself. Halfway through she thought she'd use the napkin in the basket to wipe her nose and hands. Which means she dumped the rest of the chips on her and on the floor. I am trying really hard to go along with this montessori method. It is very different than my previous method. Here, honey I'll do it (then it gets done faster and the way I like it!) ! So I got out the vacuum and gave it to little miss "Anna help"! She had a wonderful time vacuuming the kitchen with just a little bit of guidance from Mom! When it was over I was wondering if this was legal- is this against child labor laws? She did a great job! Thank you Anna!

Tonight Sarah is sleeping on a bed next to ours! So far so good! Keep her(us) in your prayers!

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Lori said...

Legal or not, I'm liking this idea! I am one of those "I'll do it" Moms for my boys but things need to change I'm afraid...they are a tad spoiled. Tad?

Anna looks absolutely adorable vacuuming!