Saturday, May 23, 2009

Always Entertaining!!

First time on a boat!!

We forgot the life jacket that was her size. We will bring it next time! The poor girl could hardly move!

Having two little girls that don't speak perfect english can be so funny!! Hubby and I are often in the front seat of car looking at each other with inquisitive looks- "What are they saying?"

Yesterday we heard from our 9 yr old who has been home 6 months- "Mom, I want to go to Elmo's house!"
My response- "Huh?"
"Mom, I want to go to Elmo's house!"
"Umm, honey, Elmo is a puppet, he's not real. He doesn't have a house." ;-)
Ohhhhh, I see, not real, hmmmmm. Then why does Anna have a picture of her and Elmo at his house? "
"That picture was in a book that Katie had made for Anna for Christmas."
Ohhhhh, I see, okay.

Later in the day coming from the back seat again was the Elmo song about Minnesota- sung by none other than Miss Anna.
minne, minne, sota (breathe) minne minne sota (breathe) minne minne sota

Then we get the question/statement from Sarah- "Bird behind house?" 
"What honey?"
"Bird behind house?"
"Yes honey, I am sure there are many birds behind our house."
"NOOOOO, Bird behind house?"
Okay- hubby and I are looking at each other again
After some investigative work we concluded the statement was "The boat is near our house."
"Yes, the boat is near our house. It is only a short drive to the boat!"

Honestly- this is so great. It is so fun listening to these two kids! Always entertaining and never a dull moment!

Thank you Jesus for these incredible girls!
minne, minne, sota (breathe) minne minne sota (breathe) minne minne sota

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Lori said...

That's so funny! We have some conversations like that with Lucy...and I'm sure there are many to come with Shu Li! Keeps our old brains sharp, don't ya think?!