Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jailbirds in Jammies!

This daylight saving time has put a crimp on bedtime around here. At 8:00 we head upstairs to get ready for bed and it's still light out. Anna doesn't get it but Sarah is wondering why so early? Thank goodness, with some reading time, when Sarah's head finally hits the pillow it is just about dark. What are we going to do in June?

Sarah and I went to the Paper Bag Princess Play at Stages Theatre- it was excellent!! We read the story over and over in hopes that the play may be more enjoyable for her. She loved it, too! Sarah is still more on the level of easy readers, short stories and board books. She cannot follow longer stories and often doesn't get the jokes- unless we say that's a joke, isn't this book funny! She is beginning to read but not necessarily comprehending what she is reading. Homeschooling her is so much fun because the progress is so obvious!!

Tonight we took out the guardrail on her bed- she is not happy with us. We will see how the night goes- I hope she doesn't fall out of bed ! It is so much easier to make the bed without the guardrail. Sarah is doing many things for herself now. She brushes her teeth, gets dressed (with a little help- I am mostly there for company), puts her clean clothes away, dirty clothes in the clothes basket, dirty dishes in the sink and she makes her bed better than I do! Honestly, I should end the birth children to China for awhile so they can learn a thing or two! She is also playing regularly with the neighbor girl that is her age. It is so fun to see them going down the driveway on their scooters! Our neighbor girl was actually adopted from Russia as a baby.

Church was successful again- which thrills me!! We are settling into a nice Saturday evening routine of 5:00 church and family dinner out! Sarah loves it when we drive and eat- food is much better as opposed to being home and eat. I wish I was a better cook and I wish I even remotely liked cooking. It is such an inconvenience to me - it takes too much time and it is a thankless job- wow, what a bad attitude I have! This time big brother Billy joined us!! Mark will be home next weekend, yippee Jesus!

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Lori said...

You start putting the girls to bed around 8:00??? Oh my...I could learn some things from you!! I usually start getting Lucy ready for bed around 9 or 9:30...totally dragging myself! I see how that I need to start much earlier. Duh!

I don't like to cook dinner's so boring! And coming up with yummy things is a dreaded chore. I'm trying to do better though...we've got to quit eating out so much! These big boys eat a ton!!