Friday, May 1, 2009

Sun Bit Moon?

A couple days ago we got some books in the mail from amaz*n. They were from the "Let's Read and Find Out" series and one of them has to do with the different shapes of the moon. So the other day Sarah asked me if the "sun bit the moon"? I had to think for a second- and ask myself if I heard it right and then proceeded to explain simply about the sun and the moon. It was pretty cute- I am glad she is starting to come up with more questions on science related topics.

This morning Sarah and Anna were sitting up having breakfast and Anna was a bit cranky. Sarah said to Anna... Anna, let me tell you something... in America you be happy in the morning... you get your hair combed... it's okay... you get long hair... be happy! Hmmm, I wonder where she heard this? Look in the mirror and I bet I can figure it out! I can't believe how often I hear myself  BUT in a 9 or 3 year old version! Sometimes I like what I hear and other times- ouch, it helps me to make a few changes in my delivery, my sighs or what my face may be saying compared to my words.

Sarah is quite proud of her new tooth!! It is a lovely silver crown on her bottom right 6 yr old molar. She will probably be getting another one on the other side. She has shown everyone we talk to for the last 2 days. It seems to be a common thing among with the children from Ch*na. They didn't use tooth brushes very often- at least my little girls didn't! I am just thankful they saved the tooth! When she is older she can have a pretty white crown!

We had play group at our house- it is so much fun getting together and such a great support! The kids are adorable running around and playing! They all sat down to watch Beauty and the Beast- of course that lasted all of one minute! Then they were off again having fun! What a blessing these sweet kids are to all of us!! 


Lori said...

Oh my gosh...great post! Great pics! LOVE what Sarah told Anna!

And the sun/moon comment...priceless!!!

Love ya!

Nancy said...

Awwww...just a few more weeks and Rose and I will get to join in playgroup again. We miss everyone, and I can see from the pictures that they are growing up!