Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Homework = Fun

The big thing to do around here now is homework at the kitchen counter! The girls are all excited about homework - of course I know this won't last long but I am enjoying it. Is is so cute hearing Anna say "I want to do my homework" or "don't touch that, it's my homework". Of course she really doesn't have homework but it is so darn cute and it keeps her busy doing good things, writing, coloring, sitting nicely ;-)

Since Anna has started this craze now Sarah wants homework at the kitchen counter so by golly I can make that happen- no problem dear! I wonder if this will catch on to Johnny??

Sarah is beginning to be a little (okay very little) more independent on a few school things. I am slowly trying to move in that direction. She can do her handwriting on her own, practice the ABC's and do some math problems. Most of the time I am right next to her but I am enjoying a few moments to BLOG!! Like right now or throw in a load of laundry!

Sarah loves to tease Johnny and then tell on him- can you think of anything more fun that that! She will call him a she- and she knows exactly what she is doing. He has a few rules with her when his friends are around like no singing when they are in the car, she can only hang out in the basement if she plays in the playroom and doesn't try to get the boys attention or stare at them- actually I think it is good- I want to respect him and his space and have her learn appropriate social behavior. It is sometimes good that it is all not coming from me!

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Suzette said...

Your girls are so precious. I just read your "Dear Sweet Daughter" poem and it truly brought big momma tears to my eyes. It is so amazing how God can create such a love in our hearts for a child we have yet to meet. Thanks for sharing.