Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anna's Birthday Party!

Helping big brother Matt put together the wagon!

Oh my, that looks very scary!

This is more like it!

Auntie Barbie and Auntie Tracy with Sarah!

Oops- didn't mean to post a second pick! How do I take one off? Anyone?

Yippee presents for me!!

Teaching Auntie Barbie how they count in China with their fingers!

Auntie Tracy recorded Uncle Bill snoring, Anna enjoyed listening to it! She said "very noisy"!

We were on spring break during Anna's birthday- so we postponed her party until we were home with the rest of the family. She was very excited that the celebration was for her! She got a fun birthday balloon bouquet. When you hit the big balloon it sings Happy Birthday to you from all the magical D*SNEY PRINCESSES- what more could a girl want!!

Anna's 2 Aunts joined us for the celebration- Barbie and Tracy! The girls had a wonderful time with them! We did our usual, family dinner, presents and cake and ice cream! Anna got a wagon and the teeniest, tiniest bike with training wheel- that she probably won't ride until she's 4- so why did we get it this year...I don't know?

Happy Birthday to our precious little Anna!
Thank you Jesus for this sweet girl!!

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Lori said...

Oh my those pictures are great!! Anna is so adorable!

I was showing Lucy your blog and all the pics & she said, "Daddy, Daddy! Come see Anna! Look, Look!" It was so cute! Then when he came to look she pointed to Anna and said, "That's Jean!"

Too funny. I'll get her straightened out before your visit! :)

**on the picture you want to get rid of just right click on it and then hit delete.