Tuesday, April 14, 2009

News Flash! Sarah and Anna will be meeting Lucy!

Yes, the headlines you just read are true. Our two girls will be meeting the infamous and adorable Lucy Joy!  We are all very excited! The girls have been checking out her Momma's blog so they can recognize momma and daughter. We looked on a map and showed them where we would be going.

Of course, Anna really doesn't get it- what she really cares about is that she will be going with us- we will not be leaving her. Second up on the Anna agenda would be- don't forget my blankie and 3rd is bring the movies!!

Sarah on the other hand is concerned about 7 hours in the car because she gets car sick- bummer- let's hope it doesn't happen. She is also very excited to have a pillow in the car- another new experience for her. She did tell us the other day she likes Florida and America(which is MN)- I wonder what she'll think about the country of Kansas! Okay, okay, I have a little work to do in the geography department.

Meeting bloggy friends would be reason enough to travel 7 hours but we are actually traveling to that neck of the woods for Johnny's soccer tournament.  I think it is cool for bloggy friends to meet and we are all thrilled to have this opportunity! Yippee Jesus!!


Mom to my China Posse said...

Will you be coming thru Missouri?

Lori said...

Lucy is super excited too!! Actually, she is pretty clueless. :) But I know I'M excited!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

I am super jealous!!! Okay but happy for your girls!!!