Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun on the Road!

We had a wonderful time this weekend taking the girls on a road trip to Johnny's soccer game and visiting a bloggy friend! We were kind of testing them to see how it would go. Sarah has a history of getting car sick and Anna has a history of letting us know when she has had enough of her car seat. We didn't know how it would go and if we would have one screaming while the other was throwing up. We are so happy to share with you that they are great travelers!!. The only time Anna fussed was right before she fell asleep. Sarah did have to take a dramamine but she also did great!! 

There were so many concepts about a road trip that Sarah didn't understand. Often times it is very hard to explain so it was nice to actually let her experience it!  The soccer team did great- won 2 games on Saturday 7-0 and 4-0. On Sunday the fields were just too wet due to the rain so they cancelled the rest of the tournament- too bad they were on their way to a championship BUT yippee we got to go home early. (BTW, I love home)

On Saturday evening we met Lucy Joy's family! We had a wonderful time and the girls hit it off- and I'm not just talking about Sarah, Anna and Lucy- Lori and Jean hit it off, too!! 

When we got back we let the girls rum in the hallway to let off a little energy. The Hampton Inn was a hopin place that night hosting a 70 yr old birthday party!! I thought it was a bit loud but when someone's celebrating 70 yrs- I say go for it!! Have fun!! And they did!!

The girls let off a little more energy in the hotel with some old fashion jumping on the bed! Which of course we do not do at home ;-) but sometimes rules are made to be broken... like in hotels!! They were adequately tired on Saturday night and quickly fell asleep together in the same bed- which we thought was so ... so cute! When Sarah woke up in the morning she confirmed the fact that Anna in the middle of the night turns sideways and kicks, kicks, KICKS the other person in the bed. Hubby and I already new that but nothing like learning from experience!! Sorry Sarah!

A little family get away is extremely bonding! We all had fun!!


Our China Starfish said...

Sounds like another great adventure for Sarah! Tessa used to get sick in the cars in China also...thankfully our road trip turned out as yours did- no puking in the car!!! :) Maybe their stomachs get a little more hearty once they have more opportunities for car rides???

Laura L. said...

LOL. Jadyn says the girls should never be jumping on the bed. :)
She said, "That's not good. You never, ever 'posed be jumping on the bed. You could fall down." ha ha