Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big News!!

Someone is sleeping in their own bed in her own room!! And it is Sarah!! This is huge!! On thursday she wanted to sleep in her room, I was surprised but we went with it! On Friday and Saturday Katie and her friend were in the room, too. Sarah loved that! Now today she is in her room still, we are thrilled and a bit surprised! I was thinking it would happen in a month or two BUT this works for me! I am so glad she is comfortable enough with her home, her family and her bedroom to be able to do this! It is a big step!! (I do hope it continues!)

Sarah knows that she gets her ears pierced after one week in her room and with the intention of staying there. You have to cover all angles with this little girl or she will get her ears pierced and move back into our room! Next week we may have pics of pierced ears!!

What I love most is that she was comfortable to come to our room at 7:00 am and hang with us until we got up! I am so happy to see her comfort level increasing with the family and home!

Thank you Jesus! 


Sally- That Girl! said...

Praise God for giving her that sense of security and trust that she is learning from belonging to your family!

Lori said...

That is such great news!! You and your family have no doubt done a fabulous job in making her feeling like a forever member of the family and that she can feel secure and safe.

Praise the Lord!!

Chasity said...

That is so wonderful, what a very proud and joyous to for her. Great Job Sarah!