Sunday, April 5, 2009

But, it's still light out?

It is so nice to be home!! We took the early flight this morning. Jim and I were up at 4:00 Florida time (3:00 Central time) and the kids were up at 4:45 (3:45). We boarded the plane by 6:45 and were in the air at 7:15 (6:15). In case you didn't know- I am not a morning person. It was all a blur to me.

The kids did fine. They slept in the car on the way to the airport but wanted nothing to do with sleeping on the plane. It was good to get home and see our doggies! The girls were comforted by the familiar surroundings of home. As early evening came,  the foggy feeling crept back into our lives. The girls were getting crabby and after we realized how little sleep they got we went upstairs to get their jammies on, brush teeth and to bed! Sarah was thoroughly confused, she kept repeating "but, it's still light out"! We tried to explain how much sleep she didn't get last night and even though it is light out now, it was dark when she got up this morning but she couldn't quite get past the thought of "but, it's still light out"!

Anna, we could fool! We shut the shades and went through our nighttime routine- she happily greeted her crib! She was surrounded by her pink piggy, pink baby doll, pink bunny,  2 pink blankies and one green blankie- she was surrounded by her entourage and couldn't have been happier!

Meanwhile Sarah is still saying "but, it's still light out". So we compromised and tucked her in our bed with a little movie and told her when we come up to bed we would move her to her bed IF by chance she was asleep. 5 minutes later- sound asleep!

We will be back to our regular routine tomorrow! Hopefully everyone will have had enough sleep so they can learn a few things at homeschool!


Lori said...

Even though being in a warm tropical place is wonderful...there's no place like home! (gee, that sounds familiar!)

Glad you all made it back safely. Sarah's reasoning about it still being light out is funny...she's very bright! You thankfully your years of parenting taught you some tricks! Good for you! :)

See ya soon!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Sound slike a fun trip. Where is Florida do you go? We like to go down to Anna Maria Islan when we get there.