Friday, April 3, 2009

Playground skills!

So the other day we went to the park. Big daddy and Johnny were playing basketball and having quite the good time. The girls and I went swinging and played on the equipment. It really is an awesome, fun park for kids- it has everything! The girls love the slide- yes they can do it without help. Next is the swings- ahem, ahem, after much effort to teach them how to pump and get higher on the swing, we have not made much progress. Sarah loves going higher than she did BUT she really wants mom to push her... and push her... and then tickle her and push her again! AND you better not give out an uneven amount of pushes to her little sister- it will not go unnoticed! Little sister Anna loves to be pushed, too and throw in a tickle here and there and she is doing great!

Now lets move on to the monkey bars. These are foreign- they have no idea what to do with them. They also do not have the muscle development to do them properly. It amazes me that they no not have the upper body strength to do the monkey bars. When we started on this journey I never thought of this - I would think that children that lived with children and played with children would have this skill. That is completely false and what is true, is they did not have opportunities in their previous life to build the strength and coordination to accomplish this playground skill. I do have to say in my attempt to show them how easy this was I found out it is not so easy and it hurts your hands. (Just 40 short years ago I could do it- no problem!)  I felt so darn bottom heavy- what a bummer- but don't tell them that! We are going back to the park tomorrow to work on this- this time I have already lined up Johnny as the example of how to do the monkey bars! 

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Lori said...

SO CUTE!! I especially like the pic of Anna trying so hard on the monkey bars!

Oh my, they are both so cute and so photogenic!

So what's the deal with spending so much time in Florida?? You are going to be slightly let down coming to Kansas! :)