Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And they licked the car seat clean!

In the process of changing the car seat from one car to the other we had it sitting in the garage for a couple hours. I didn't think anything of it but each time I went outside the car seat had moved just a little. Then it occurred to me- oh no, Anna sits in there and eats frequently. The dogs must literally be eating the car seat to get at whatever morsel they can scrooge up. I ran outside to check it out and you won't believe what I saw- a car seat that looked like new! Yes, it has a few germs on it but wow did they do a nice job! 

As Kate was getting ready for her trip the girls were hanging out in her car. Anna had quite a good time. Beware if you are driving anywhere in Mn- there's a 3 yr old on the loose!

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Lori said...

That is hilarious! And those pics of Anna are priceless! Miss Hollywood looks simply chic in the sunglasses...such a supermodel!