Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures for Ch*na!

Sarah's new family meeting her at the airport!

Happy 9th Birthday Sarah!

Sarah and her little sister Anna!

Sarah loves to swim! She is very good at it!

Sarah teaching her Aunt how to count in Chinese!

Sarah and Anna looking at books!

Sarah and her new family! (only the kids that live at home)

Anna loves her big sister Sarah!

Sarah's friends from China! (that live in near us!)

Last month we did our 6 month follow up with our agency. My homework was to get 8 pics together with short  captions next to them.  With digital pictures, computers and digital cameras I rarely develop my pics. They are stored on my computer and then that is backed up. So for me to pick ONLY 8 pictures of our sweet Sarah was next to impossible. Only 8 pictures from 6 months together! I started going through our pics and found 60 that would be a good fit for this assignment! I had them developed and well, here are the 8 I picked. It helped that they need to be horizontal pictures - I had some wonderful vertical pictures but they didn't fit on the paper. I actually have an extra pic up- I think I did not put in the one of the girls in brown.

I like these pictures because they show a precious little girl becoming part of a family! We are so blessed to have her as our daughter and sister! Thank you Jesus!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Sweet photos! I know only 8, don't you want more of my sweet child!!!!!!

We just got done doing the same thing!

Lori said...

Such beautiful faces!! And more to come! ;)