Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Soccer!

Sarah is having a wonderful time playing soccer! She is enjoying all the kids and loves having her Daddy coach. She is very cute out there- sometimes she runs hard and sometimes she doesn't ;-)

If the ball hits her - anywhere, she will immediately stop and make sure she is okay! None of this "take one for the team" way of thinking. Or "don't let them score at all costs"- nope, oh no. Her favorite part is sitting on the sidelines chatting with the other girls! If it is really hot they enjoy dumping water on each other. She will stop mid game and just to wave to us (Katie, Anna and I)!

To be quite honest it is refreshingly fun! No pressure soccer! We have had soccer at times be a year round sport- (Katie and Johnny). It is so nice to enjoy it for now and not worry about try outs. We will just sign her up for the recreational league if she wants to do it next year!

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Lori said...

Now that's MY kind of soccer! No running too much. Perfect!

ALL of your girls are so photogenic! That last pic of Katie and Anna is priceless!