Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The best birthday party... ever!

This last weekend we went to a wonderful children's birthday party! It was for Ruby! The girls were thrilled to be invited and after seeing the pics you will wish you were there, too! Ruby turned 4 yrs old and is from Taiwan, she has been home about 2 yrs. She has a big sister Ila- 5 yrs old and a little brother Cash- 8 months old. They were apart of our original adoption group and have remained close friends.

Sarah totally got into the party and had a ton of fun. They had real ponies there and she rode them 3 times! Anna was afraid of the ponies and chose to stay in Daddy's arms. She was a bit shy, okay really shy and watched most of the fun from a safe distance. Anna did gladly indulge in the marshmellow eating and the loved the candy from the pinata!

This party set some high birthday standards- everything was perfectly planned out and went smoothly! 

After we got home cowgirl Anna went on and on about how much fun it was and how she will ride the horses when she is 4 yrs old! She wore her hat and bandana for the rest of the day! She didn't partake in anything but still had the best time!

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Our China Starfish said...

How exciting for Sarah!!! Your photos are great- she looks like such a happy girl!!!