Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cousin "It"!

I am definitely dating myself with the title of this post!  Did anyone ever watch the "The Adams Family"! Whenever Anna has a bath this is what her hair looks like- so before she even goes to bed we need to put in a little pony on the top of her head! She has an adorable itty bitty forehead and her hair grows straight forward- she cannot see a thing unless we tie it back!

Anna is also starting to have mini tantrums- they are so cute! This is how it goes- usually she is overtired, she gets frustrated about something minor- like she wants a third cookie, 2 just didn't do it for her. She tenses all up and then she stomps her feet in place. Sometimes she will try to scream or grunt but she doesn't quite have the vocals down yet. After that comes the fake cry BUT be aware the fake cry can go on for a long time. Sometimes we will try to figure out what is wrong, other times we will attempt to negotiate and sometimes we just go to bed ;-)!! Tonight we went to bed! I think that is what she wanted anyways!

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