Thursday, October 9, 2008

The ultrasound is scheduled...

We went to the pediatricians office today and talked to Dr. Jennings regarding the melanine issue. Anna's orphanage had 19 children with kidney stones and 3 were hospitalized. That is the most I have heard of from any orphanage. Given this information, we decided to bring Anna to the pediatrician. We are the first to do so with our pediatrician. They were very aware of the issue with the formula and other milk products in China. We have scheduled a renal ultrasound- it just so happened they could get us in tomorrow- Friday. We currently are not seeing any symptoms of kidney stones but most of the kids that have kidney stones are asymptomatic.

 This problem may go back as many as 8 years ago. No one really knows because it is difficult to get accurate information from China. It may be that many families will not need to rush in and get their child checked but may need to keep this issue in the forefront of their thoughts should their child develop any symptoms. We are not sure who will be going to China to get Anna's big sister, Ming Ming and for that reason we felt we should know if Anna has kidney stones or not. It would not be good to bring Anna back to China and then have health issues while we are there. We just feel like we need to be accurately informed. We will evaluate whether or not Ming Ming will need a renal ultrasound.  I am thinking we will do it for her, too. I am sure she is still drinking the milk in China. 

I do have to say we are eagerly awaiting our LOA. It is beginning to get a little painful. We want so much to bring our darling daughter home. Today is day 90... Our agency has continuously said 3-4 months but I saw others getting theirs in 60-80 days and hung onto that hope. I probably have set myself up for disappointment. So if I go by OUR agency, Saturday, Oct. 11th will be 3 months, Nov. 11th will be 4 months, it should come between those dates! 

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