Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cozy Jammies!

When little ones sleep they kick off all their covers. Anna is quite good about covering herself with a blanket but still when she is in a deep sleep blankies go everywhere! First I bought her sleeper jammies with the feet BUT they were too small and of course being very efficient I took off all the tags, threw away the receipt and put them in her closet- darn- back to Target I went. I got a few pair the next size up and then I stumbled on these cute cozy jammies, They are made of the same material as the sleepers but no feet! We just love them and I think they are soooo cute!

Mark is home for the weekend from Denver. Billy is home working on a school project. Anna is loving having her brothers home! I think sweet Sarah will love her brothers (and sisters), too! They have a lot of fun together! Thank you Lord for these wonderful children! What a joy they are!

We also have a pair of cute pink sunglasses that look a lot like sweet Lucy Joy's lost pair. How did they get all the way to Minnesota?

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