Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some family time in Phoenix!

We had a wonderful little family getaway- 4 days in Phoenix! Anna was a bit fussy before we left so we took her to the Dr., one of the tubes has fallen out and the other one is blocked- so there may be fluid behind it. We really questioned if it was worth going but then decided to go for it! We are so glad we did! We all loved the family time without interruptions! Jim, Anna and Johnny went swimming 5 times in 3 days! Anna loved the water! She paddled around in her water wings! She knows to close her mouth when she goes partially under! We went to the Phoenix Zoo, took walks, relaxed and had great dinners- at our place! Oh, yeah, take out! Anna loves the great food that other people fix her. I ordered a salad and her chix fingers and fries- big oops! She wanted my spinach salad with buffalo tomatoes and feta cheese!   She devoured it and wanted nothing to do with the chix fingers- who can blame her!  P.F. Changs was another huge hit for her! Anna loves chameleons- one of her favorite book's is "The Very Mixed Up Chameleon"!

It was so nice to have a few more summer days! On top of that we heard we got our LOA- icing on the cake!! 

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