Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Shoes!

Well, I am not the worst mother in the world but I'm not the best either... We ran out to get some new shoes for Anna today. It had been awhile since we got her shoes because she spent most of the summer in crocs. They measured her feet and much to my surprise my itty bitty baby has size 7-7.5 feet! Since the weather has gotten cooler I have been putting her old shoes on her and they are size 5. No wonder she begs to take them OFF! Maybe now she will leave them on! They are pretty cute on her! She got a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of pink/rose Mary Janes and little brown booty shoes, too cute!! 

Today is big brother Johnny's birthday! Anna loves her brother and I bet Sarah will, too! 

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Laura L. said...

Hi Jean,
I love your blogs. They look great!
Yay for new shoes!
Don't feel bad, I think something like that happened to me once, with one of my big kids. I remember they were way past ready for bigger shoes and I'd let it go for far too long. It's especially easy for it to happen over summer when they are wearing sandals and such.
See you soon!