Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Our dear sweet daughter has taught me so much. She makes me do things that completely facilitates our bonding. Things that I would be just fine if she did herself BUT because we do these things together we are light years ahead on the bonding/ attachment front! Thank you Jesus!!!

Sarah insists that -
1. I help her change her clothes- everytime!
2. I brush her teeth.
3. I comb her hair- okay well sometimes we forget to comb it at all and she still looks great! I wish I could do that with my hair!
4. She sleeps with us! Every night and we get a play by play on who snores the loudest- sorry honey!
5. We carry her! We have limited this to inside our home!

There are many other things we do (because she watches us with her little sister Anna) that has made this bonding process go so well. Basically, if we do it for Anna why wouldn't we do it/ try it for Sarah!

I prayed that our daughter would be resilient- she is- thank you Jesus!
I prayed that she would have a sense of humor- she does- thank you Jesus!

I am overwhelmed by this little girl that has joined our family! Truly, what a blessing she is!!

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Sally- That Girl! said...

You are such a good mama trying so hard to do all the right things so this sweet child knows where she belongs!!!

Attachment and bonding is incredibly important and it is so easy to just think that our kiddos are resilient and don't need all these little extras that non-adoptive families do not understand. We only get one shot at it, seeing you doing all these things makes me so happy.

You are blessed by Sarah and Sarah by you!s