Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Day filled With Many "Firsts"!

We are having a wonderful time with the girls in Florida! We got coffee in the morning and went to the park. Sarah had never been on a swing.  We taught her how to pump- so the swing goes higher - she is afraid to go too high. She laughed and giggled the whole time! Anna loves to swing, too. It is beautiful here, the weather is 70's and sunny. Thank you Jesus!

Then it was off to the grocery store with 2 hungry kids! Riding in the cart was a big highlight- again a first! Sarah had to ride in the larger part of the grocery cart- we used a second cart for the food. Once we got home we used the cart at the condo to bring the groceries up to our unit . Since she has never had a chance to ride in the baby/toddler spot we decided to give it a try! She loved it! It is challenging going to the grocery store with 2 kids but 2 hungry kids  can be really challenging. They made it through the grocery store just fine - 3 pouts and one bathroom break later we were out the door. We have to monitor Sarah's potato chip intake- we stopped her half way through the pringles, okay she did share a few chips with Anna. Thank goodness Anna is still oblivious as to how many she gets compared to how many Sarah gets. The good thing about pringles is - they are sure to bring on a smile! 

After lunch we got ready for a swim. Sarah has been sooooo excited to swim! She has been talking about it and motioning diving into the pool and so on- our dear sweet child got her swimsuit on and put the tube around her and ... was scared to death of the water. If you know me - you know I NEVER get in the water. I put on my swimsuit, grab a towel and a good book and let everyone else get all cold and wet. Every once in a while a mom has to step out of her comfort zone and earn the respect of her kids- yep- I walked right in that water with a smile on my face and swam with Jim and the girls! Once I went in Sarah did much better- we were there for an hour and she improved steadily! I am looking forward to tomorrow!

After showers and a short rest we went and played on the beach. I love this beach- we have been coming here for 24 years. I feel so close to God when I am here. It is my favorite place to pray! The girls played in the sand.  Jim and I relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful sight of our two incredible daughters playing!

The evening consisted of a grouper dinner - which we all enjoyed! Sarah loved the grouper and Anna loves catsup... and occasionally a french fry, too! The sign they have posted says-
"UNATTENDED CHILDREN WILL BE GIVEN AN EXPRESSO AND A PUPPY!" I think that is so funny- even now I have to chuckle!!

All the pics are in the wrong order- oops- oh well!


Mom to my China Posse said...

Hi, I have been following your journey to Sarah on Journey to Me and I even emailed you once. Like you we have a large family and we found our daughter who is 6 Dec. 2007 and brough her home Nov. 08. Were going thru some of the same things your describing. She is our 7th child, 5th daughter from China. If you want to email me sometime please do, I think our girls are sharing some of the same things right now. kathy

Laura L. said...

Hi Jean!
Wow, sounds like you are having an awesome time. It's a well deserved rest. I hope you'll get some rest anyway. :)
The beach looks beautiful and so do the girls.
Soak up some sand and sun for me. We're expecting snow here.
Hope to see you soon.