Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do you Speak English?

Yes - she says with a smile on her face. Before that I was answering for her "No, she doesn't. This is our new daughter. She is just learning English and has been home for only 6 weeks." Now Sarah is letting others know "Yes, I speak English!" And wow is she making progress! We tried to count the words she says and we were up to about 150 words. She tells us stories, she tells on her sister and she seems to know what we are saying most of the time EXCEPT when she doesn't want to listen. Hubby Jim and I are often talking about parenting and how we should handle certain situations- we now have to spell most of the words so our sweety doesn't figure out what we are saying. I think we are just about to the point where we need to talk privately over some issues out of her earshot!

With all the words she is learning there is one word we have not taught her- it is the word "old". 
Sarah knows the ages of everyone in the family- we use it to help teach her how to count and familiarize herself with the family. When Sarah gets to the numbers 50 and then 52 her response it WOW, very smart and very strong! Now doesn't that sound much better than very old!! Hey she has already found the aged skin on my neck, the lines and veins on my hands and those darn itty bitty skin tags that pop up here and there- a girl (meaning me) has got to protect her self esteem somehow! Anna doesn't have a clue that her parents are a little bit older but sweet Sarah she notices everything! Maybe we'll never teach her the word "old"!


Mom to my China Posse said...

I am glad Sarah's English is coming along. I am finding Kamryn Rachel knows more than she is letting on in that dept. lol......She has picked up alot of slang from her sisters as well. "Oh Man" from Dora the explorer seems to be one of her favorites. lol..... Its so fun to see her little mind clicking. I am sad that she will lose her Mandarin though but we live in a small rural community and knows one speaks or understand Mandarin here. I need to record some of her singing a poem reciting before she loses it entirley, because it so beautiful to listen to. Have a great Monday, Kathy

Mom to my China Posse said...

Hi Jean, I tried to join your followers but it doesn't give me a Follow this blog prompt. Some are havign trouble following mine as well so let me know if you figure it out. I can't seem to figure mine out. lol..... Some see the follw the blog link and some don't. I will have to have my kids figure it out for me. lol.....