Friday, January 9, 2009

One year ago!

I feel like my heart is swelling with thankfulness to the Lord! Seriously, these little girls are breathtaking and a dream come true! It is so awesome to experience this at this point in our lives- today was bubbles by the beach and a sunset. I am on my knees thanking our dear Lord!

One year ago today- our family came to Florida. We had a referral of a 7 yr old girl. Before we could be approved to adopt an older child we had to finish some paperwork/reading and questions. Both Jim and I were drawn to this little girl but older child adoption was new territory for us. We had heard a few horror stories that concerned us but for some reason unknown to us we kept moving forward. When I was down at the swimming pool with Anna- there was another family there with a daughter from China- she was about a year older than Anna and of course the Mom and I connected right away! Yeah, adoptive families! She told me to check out JTM and look for ____, another family that adopted an older child. I read their whole journey and after that I knew this was our daughter and with God's help we could do this! As soon as we were accepted by the older child committee we accepted SARAH'S referral. It is so amazing to me how God  works miracles!  How did he know our daughter was half way around the world- waiting for us! 

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Holly said...

What a difference a year makes! I can't wait until next year...We will be home with our China sweetie looking back. Wow, I can't imagine it, it's been such a long wait! I am so happy for your family!