Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Playroom!

We have a great playroom downstairs filled with children's toys. You would think the girls would be down there all the time... BUT the girls are usually not there because they are wherever we are- they don't venture far from our side. We must be in sight or in earshot. Sometimes it gets a little difficult to get anything done! Usually Jim and I are not downstair because Johnny might be there with friends or big kids have left it messy- which drives me crazy- so I usually choose to spare myself from their mess! Yesterday we went down and picked up the playroom, found some toys in storage that belonged to the older kids when they where young (Brio train set). The girls were in heaven! They loved playing down there... with us there , too ... of course! At our FCC playgroups the children play downstairs at friends houses so that probably helped them realize that basements are fun!

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