Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodnight Moon!

This has been a very busy week with Dr appts and Daddy Jim out of town. We found out that Sarah's immunization where not effective so we had to start the process all over again. Yesterday she has had 2 Dr. appt and one of them included 5 shots- ouch! She did great no tears! She was especially happy when I told her she would be carried more at home because she did such a good job and I know her arms will be sore and she may not feel well. The day before that we had 3 Dr appts- one of which was her 5th dental appt. We are now done until July unless the fillings fall out- let's all say a prayer for her fillings!!

Sarah and I went to the play "Goodnight Moon". We knew one of the actors in the play so that made it even more fun! He is an 11 yr. old brother of Johnny's friend and an awesome dancer. Sarah really enjoyed the play! We read the book before going to it. She is actually starting to have a little interest in books!I forgot my camera - bummer- if I had brought it I could have gotten a pic with Sarah on the stage and with our friend. So this pic of her and the book will have to do. I look forward to next year when little Anna can go with us! She will be 3.5 then and I think it should work out great at that point!

Sarah and I went to the library yesterday. It was to kill a little time between appts. She couldn't believe we didn't have to pay for the books! She kept asking me "no money?" We checked out a bunch of books! She also loved the computer at the library- it's very kid friendly!

ELL or ESL is going very well!! She is really clicking with the teacher and the other girl in the class!! She is from the Netherlands and she is an adorable little blonde cutie! Sarah is in awe of her hair- it is very long and very blonde- even in winter!! The teacher is very happy with her progress and it is helpful for me to see what they are working on!

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