Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun with our Girls!

The 6 days with our girls in Florida have been fantastic! I thought we were a little crazy leaving so soon after Sarah came home but it turned out perfect! God has been so kind and this time with our 2 girls has been a huge step in the right direction! It has been so good for bonding! Everyday we swim in the pool together-lots of touching, trust building and fun with swimming! Their are no pics of me in the pool because I am the photographer. I really did get in the pool everyday! The first question our son Johnny asked Sarah was "did Mom go swimming?" I am sure he feels totally jipped- I never do that with him and I didn't need to with Anna- I used that time as a moment to myself but no more. When your a Mom you take what you can get, you do what you need to and you are always evaluating what's the best thing to do!

The park has been fantastic. The girls love to swing! It is so precious to see the joy on their faces doing such simple things together! 

In the late afternoon we went to the beach to play in the sand. It is so lovely there, I feel so close to God- his creation is so magnificent! The kids were as adorable as can be- they played in the sand , they chased the waves and they searched for beautiful shells. It was a perfect bloggy moment- I reached for my camera and ... horrors, I didn't have it. Major dilema- do I go back and get it- it's not too far BUT its not super close either. We could lose the joy of the moment - with this crew that can happen in an instant! SOooooo, I gave it up to God- he knows me, maybe I should just be peaceful, pray in thankfulness and enjoy the present- that's what I did . It was good (but I still wish I had my camera!)!

The girls have been such a hit down here, everybody loves them! Seriously they are like a breathe of fresh air for the old people! I can't help myself - this little Sarah is doing so well- I have said to many people she is "brand new"- she has been with us for 5 weeks- she beams with pride and they are so impressed! Her language is really coming along and they think she is soooo cute. To me, she is my brand new baby! She says Momma and Babba have two babies- Sarah and Anna! We say "yes and we are soooo happy to have our 2 babies"! "We love, love, love our babies!" She talks a lot abut when she was a baby and she was even littler than Anna- God Bless her!

The pics are of our friends at the pool - they are very nice- but I did not have the courage to ask if I could take their pic- next time I will ask, I promise! They were all talking about how one building is suing the other building over a water fountain. Friends Beware- we must protect ourselves from be a cranky old person and complaining as we get older- we need to fill our souls with the love of Jesus and enjoy each day we are blessed with! 

We it's back to reality- tomorrow we fly home. Thank goodness I love our reality!


Our China Starfish said...

What a wonderful time Sarah looks like she is having!! Sounds like the Florida vacation has been a great way to help her grow even more closer to her new parents and little sister!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Your vacation sounds heavenly. Glad everything is going well. We had our first postplacement visit today for Kamryn Rachel and our SW was very impressed with Kamryn's bonding. All is good.