Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sarah Smart!

That is music to my ears! I was so excited when she said that and pointed to her forehead! "Sarah Smart"!  I want to instill in this precious child that she is smart, that she can learn, that she is doing such a good job- She can do it! I want to boost her confidence and comfort level. It is okay to try and get it wrong- the most important thing is that she is trying! 

When she first came to us she made it very clear she did not want to learn english and that she did not like school. Today we sat down for an hour and a half and worked  on the numbers 1-20 and beginning recognition of the alphabet - matching lower case to their capitols and then a little rosetta stone. She converses with me in our chinglish and everyday she is learning new english words. Wow, what an exciting adventure this is! 

We are staying in a condo in Florida. On the flight here I felt like we were on the geriatric flight traveling to the land of wheelchairs and walkers. Not that there is anything wrong with that- I am right behind these lovely people! Tomorrow I will have to take a pic of Sarah and Anna and their pool friends! The crew at the pool love the girls! They are a little older like maybe by 70 yrs. but hey are a nice group of people and they are amazed by our little girls!!! Our place is on the 18th floor so we are getting some good counting in everytime we take the elevator- which is a  lot! So focusing on numbers 1-20 is working very well!! Then we go through the ages of the older sibs- 3 of them fall into the 1-20 range! Most importantly we talk about how old is Sarah- I think she's got it- she is 8 yrs old! She has no idea what a birthday is so we will be talking about that soon! The Lord has so richly blessed us with these children and for that I am soooooo grateful! Thank you Jesus! 


Sally- That Girl! said...

I swear that girl melts my heart!! Every time I see her I think she is one of the prettiest little things ever!!! I am so glad she has you!

Are you staying in a timeshare?

Mom to my China Posse said...

Isn't it terrfic when you see your child blossom with self confidence. sarah is smart and very beautiful to! Love the Florida pictures we go to Anna Maria island every year with our kids, your makign me wish we were there now! Its in the 20's here today.